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Mediq is a leading player in healthcare with operations in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our over 2.500 employees are guided and inspired by our vision to improve the outcomes and affordability of care. Our people are the heart of Mediq: they are the ones who improve our future by going that extra mile for the patient.
With 2600 colleagues in 13 countries, we are working hard every day to improve patients' quality of life. Mediq plays an important role in shaping the future of healthcare. Our plans are ambitious, our people passionate. We start every day with the question: how can we provide care that is even better and more affordable? Our teams have consistently delivered throughout the pandemic with our employee engagement at an ultimate high. We have kept our supply chain stable and our people safe, ensuring the healthcare system and patients across Europe are cared for.
Improving healthcare outcomes


Our leadership principles are central to everything we do. They are driven by our core values Caring Heart, Customer Drive and a Champion Spirit. They are a fundatmental beliefs and describe our culture. A new layer has been added to these values, our Leadership Principles. These are a set of norms and values for all our Leaders withing Mediq.
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