Peggy Wu

Peggy Wu

Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst

Meet our colleague: Peggy Wu, Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst

‘In this role, I get to measure and quantify the impact of health programs such as DiaCare that help innovating care and self-management for people with a chronic condition. A perfect fit with my career goal of improving social development and overall welfare.’


In 2016, Peggy earned her Pharmacy Bachelor’s degree at China Medical University in Taiwan. After working for two years as a pharmacist at Taipei City Hospital, she decided to pursue her graduate study in Health Economics and Management in Europe. ‘Erasmus Mundus Scholarship enabled me to study in three European countries: Italy, Austria and the Netherlands. During my Master's program, I also got the chance to intern with the Access to Care team at Royal Philips. Moving to a new country meant leaving my comfort zone and adapting to a new environment and culture. This experience learned me to treat challenges as opportunities to grow as a person and expand my horizon.’


Measuring the impact of healthcare programs

‘At Mediq, everyone is dedicated to enhancing the experience of care for patients and reducing the administrative burden of healthcare professionals. My job is to develop a set of CSR Key Performance Indicators that can be systematically monitored and communicate the progress, both internally and externally. I am currently quantifying the impact of Mediq’s DiaCare Program on people with diabetes and their diabetes practitioners. The developed methodology will be used to measure the impact of other healthcare programs as well.’


Exploring impact

Peggy has always wanted to contribute to the health care sector. ‘I feel fortunate that I can gain new experiences at Mediq. Here, people recognize that the company’s impact goes beyond meeting the needs of the patients, clinicians and caregivers who rely on our solutions and services. I greatly admire Mediq’s achievements in the value chain to connect dots between stakeholders and make the ecosystem more efficient. Being part of such a company is very special to me.’


Great CSR examples and stories

Mediq wants to fold social responsibility into employee engagement by listening to experiences and ideas, sharing stories of initiatives to solve problems, and enlisting involvement in promising innovations. ‘It’s important that everyone at Mediq remembers that every step matters. To get inspired, check out examples of what Mediq is doing with its CSR program and some of the results that have already been achieved.’


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