Customer Service Employee

Here every call is different and you can really help people solve their problems. That is very energizing and fulfilling for me.

Taking people’s calls and helping is a joy for me. That’s why I feel this job is a perfect fit. It’s been two years now since I started in Mediq’s Ostomy callcenter team. Previously I worked for an energy company and there most calls where purely business oriented. Here every conversation is different and you can really help people solve problems. That gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction.

Special moments
Sometimes you have very special moments with a customer. Yesterday for example a man called to order for his neighbour. He shared that he regularly accompanies her to swimming classes and also helps out other people in his neighbourhood. Talking to someone who does these kinds of things for his community, makes my workday special.

Questions and stories
In my work I get a wide range of questions. Regarding the specific order but also about diet, sporting and travelling. Besides that patients and their caretakers really appreciate that they can share their concerns and worries. At Mediq there is room for that. Sometimes you just make that possible.

Nice work environment
I really enjoy this job and feel comfortable here. The atmosphere and the way colleagues interact is pleasant. What I also appreciate is that my supervisor is always available if I have questions or struggle with something. For my education I regularly use elearnings , but I am not yet completely sure in which specific direction I would like to develop. There are enough possibilities at Mediq, so there’s enough to keep me going for now.

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Nursing & Care Professionals

You are comfortable providing complex care in patients' homes. You advise and train patients and other professionals on using medical aids.

Customer Service

Giving reassurance through our online channels. Providing clear, calm help and advice. No stress, no hassle.


You work to discover the best possible mix between products and services.

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You provide advice and support within your area of expertise. You are confident about your specialism.

Logistics & Fulfillment Center

You ensure our fulfilment center is fully stocked and our products are ready to be shipped.

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