Product manager diabetes

Meet our colleague: Geerdien Hosper-Prinsen, product manager diabetes

'For me, Mediq feels like a warm bath. My coworkers are great, and there is always space for initiatives and creative ideas.'


Thinking of solutions together with the customer, and developing and implementing innovative concepts. That is what inspires Geerdien Hosper-Prinsen. She has been working at Mediq as productmanager diabetes since 2003.


“The delivery of medical supplies is Mediq’s core business, but within my field we primarily focus on developing services that supplement the products we deliver,” Geerdien says. “As productmanager diabetes, I am always looking for the needs of people with diabetes, and their healthcare professionals alike. What do they need to optimally use the diabetic aids that we provide? How do we make the lives of people with diabetes easier? After all, they are busy managing their glucose levels 24/7, which means every detail counts. And how do we support the diabetes professionals so they have more time for their patients?”


Creating a bond

“The past couple of years I’ve been involved with the healthcare platform DiaCare. This is an app with a digital healthcare platform that we developed together with patients and healthcare professionals. It helps diabetics manage their glucose levels, and it supports healthcare professionals in the coaching of their patients. You create a certain bond by collaborating with patients and healthcare professionals. That’s what makes my job so meaningful.”



Space for innovation

There is much space for innovation within Mediq. “We want to be the frontrunners of technological developments, and we want to use all modern possibilities available. This means that, as a product manager, you are also constantly developing. With our “More Human” campaign we focus more on the person behind the patient. What do you need when you have a chronic illness; how do you deal with the fear of diabetic complications; and how do you help someone who is ashamed of their diabetes? All of these questions are integrated into the concepts, e-learnings, and webinars that we are currently developing. This is a continuous process, which makes working at Mediq so interesting.”



At the workplace

“Mediq has a flat hierarchy, where everyone can be themselves. For me, Mediq feels like a warm bath. My coworkers are great, and there is always space for initiatives and creative ideas. It’s a very dynamic organization. There is always something happening - no two days are the same.”


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