UX Specialist


UX Specialist

Meet our colleague: Noëmie van Ommeren, User Experience Specialist

Within Mediq's e-business team, User Experience (UX) Specialist Noëmie helps to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty of both healthcare users and healthcare professionals. ‘In the two and a half years that I have been working here, I have contributed to magnificent healthcare solutions and sites. Mediq's knowledge network for people with a stoma for example, and our incontinence knowledge base that’s called Pien.’


Passion for shaping experiences

Noëmie adds over ten years of marketing and UX experience to Mediq. ‘I have a passion for technological innovation that make things better and for UX visions, strategies and functionality. In this respect, I have found the perfect working environment in Mediq. My colleagues and I are constantly working to build our understanding of our target audience and to refine and renew Mediq's websites, apps and platforms.’


Satisfied users

She talks enthusiastically about Mediq's websites, ordering and prescribing portals and apps. ‘In all our environments, we want to help our visitors to reach their goal quickly and easily. To achieve this, I do a lot of user research, observing the extent to which people achieve their goals quickly and satisfactorily. In addition, I do expert reviews, or research based on my own experience. For this, I use data, common sense and best practices.’


Customer journey

Mediq supports people with a chronic or serious health issue as well as their healthcare professionals, care facilities and GPs. ‘To ensure the very best customer interaction, we want to have the user-friendliness and accessibility of our online environments well-organized. A good example is Pien, our knowledge base for people with incontinence problems. And of course Mediq.nl as starting point of the customer journey. Here, our specialists also strive to provide seamless navigation and high-quality, consistent and connected customer experiences.’


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Nursing & Care Professionals

You are comfortable providing complex care in patients' homes. You advise and train patients and other professionals on using medical aids.

Customer Service

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