Operational purchaser


Operational Purchaser

'Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality supply service. Take the Absorin Comfort conversion project, for example. Two new versions of Absorin underpants were developed, but they were delivered to our warehouse in the wrong packaging. Despite being in great demand, we couldn't sell them!'

Making life easier for patients

'A team from across Mediq and the supplier worked to ensure that the right product was available within a few weeks, in the correct packaging. The great thing was that our customers were barely aware of the delay. That sums up Mediq. New challenges appear, but our first-rate procurement department solves them. And I must admit, I am rather proud of that.'

This is how you can make a difference

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Nursing & Care Professionals

You are comfortable providing complex care in patients' homes. You advise and train patients and other professionals on using medical aids.

Customer Service

Giving reassurance through our online channels. Providing clear, calm help and advice. No stress, no hassle.


You work to discover the best possible mix between products and services.

Business Support

You provide advice and support within your area of expertise. You are confident about your specialism.

Logistics & Fulfillment Center

You ensure our fulfilment center is fully stocked and our products are ready to be shipped.

These people also make a difference

Casper, FP&A Analyst


Casper, FP&A Analyst

'Mediq is a dynamic company, new challenges present itself constantly. That variety really makes my job extra fun.'
Lise-Lotte, Warehouse Employee


Warehouse Employee

The best thing about working at Mediq is that I get to work independently and move around.